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Èlegy Hair Revolution

Èlegy avails itself of a highly selected team.

Entry is by invitation only, and only after careful consideration analysis, attendance to training courses aimed at personal development and a trial period, the inclusion within Officina Èlegy.


Having earned trust they have the "room keys" secret "are personally involved in decision-making mechanisms, product development and product use guidelines.

They are the first to test all new potential outputs and to decree them quality standards. They are the only ones who are certified to disclose the system ÈTCOS (Èlegy Total Color System).

They work closely with the board of directors and understand the dynamics strategies of the most dynamic marketing of success.


Officially we thank the intense work

done with so much dedication and seriousness with the only mission to improve the performance of the system for the benefit of the professionals present and future that will benefit from so much evolution. Once again we can declare that:


Èlegy is the company:

  • Hairdresser's

  • For the hairdresser

  • With the hairdresser

Wellness = Beauty

Our philosophy is that to have a real well-being it must be obtained at 360° from the selection of raw materials, to the quality of life of operators and consumers, always considering innovative solutions keeping the extraordinary standards of our products high, enhancing the natural beauty of the hair.

Our products

To get a GREAT color it is necessary to have a good "canvas to paint".


Skin care for hair means introducing a Beauty routine specifically dedicated to skin manifestations that weaken the hair.


The company of hairdressers

From the beginning the company mission has been to offer operators of the sector the best "tools" of beauty. Products designed to get the most out of your hair.

Benefiting from the most advanced technology it has been possible to avoid the use of toxic and harmful substances such as ammonia and thioglycolic acids, favoring the maintenance of a healthy and naturally beautiful hair.


The absence of these components and the presence of essential oils in ELEGY products avoids harmful exhalations and promotes healthy air in the salon, adding a pleasant feeling of well-being to a moment of beauty.

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